Stubborn Stains In Laguna Hills Are No Match For Effective, Internal Teeth Whitening Methods

In a 2013 survey, 40 percent of responding dentists said they performed whitening treatments more than any other cosmetic procedure. Whitening was second only to crowns and the related bonding and veneers.

This says everything you need to know about the power of a luminous smile, giving an instant boost to self-esteem and conveying a happier, healthier and even a younger “you” to others. Countless studies have found that those with aesthetically superior smiles are more confident, happier, and perceived as better, more successful job applicants.

You may have tried store-bought products that claim to be whiteners to gain that sought-after smile. Just as these products are all different, not all stains are created alike. To get the desired results, you need to seek the expertise of a professional like Dr. Leif Löberg.

While the cost of professional treatments such as the in-office Zoom! Whitening or the at-home Opalescence brand of whitening gels may seem like a lot upfront when compared to OTC kits, you can be confident the former treatments work. Don’t spend any more money on multiple products that only promise to whiten, with little to no results.

Be aware that even these professional treatments may not work for you. It depends on the type of staining present. Löberg Professional Dental Corporation may find porcelain veneers or dental bonding is the best way to achieve the smile of your dreams, instead of whitening or bleaching systems.

Teeth can become stained in one of two ways:

  • At the surface or externally
  • Internally, affecting structures of the teeth below the surface

The so-called “worst offenders,” those culprits most people associate with less-than-brilliant white teeth, cause external or surface stains. They include coffee, tea, and foods like blueberries and pomegranates. Generally, if it’s going to stain your hands it will probably stain your teeth. Some habits like smoking can also cause yellowing.

Color is another feature that distinguishes external from internal stains. Generally, those surface stains are yellow, brown, or somewhat orange in color. Deeper stains may appear darker and more prominent, as well as gray or bluish-gray.

The latter grayish stains may be a result of antibiotics use, particularly Tetracycline and related drugs. Use of too much fluoride, too, can cause internal stains. These stains are distinct in that they may be chalky in color. They may also have spots, patches, and lines.

Dr. Löberg may suggest chairside or home whitening treatments for external stains; internal discoloration may require porcelain veneers or dental bonding. Both methods involve the application of a natural looking material to reshape and improve the appearance of the tooth or teeth.

Take note: Some yellow, brown, white or even black-looking stains can be signs of decay and other structural damage requiring extensive procedures, such as root canals to restore the integrity of the tooth. If you do have other oral health conditions, such as gum disease, our team will want to get your mouth well again before moving forward with any type of whitening treatment.

To find out more about effective options for internal teeth whitening in Laguna Hills, call (949) 586-1930.

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