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Root Canal Therapy in Laguna Hills, CA

Save Your Smile with Painless Root Canal Therapy

patient holding jaw in pain speaking to dentistDental infections can cause painful recurring symptoms that make it challenging to live life to its fullest. If you find yourself always reaching for the pain reliever for a persistent toothache, you may need root canal therapy. At Löberg Dental Center, our affordable dentist in Laguna Hills, CA, Dr. Leif Löberg, performs painless root canal therapy.

Our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure you don’t feel a thing while we save your natural tooth from extraction. Dr. Löberg has helped patients in Laguna Niguel and Laguna Beach maintain healthy, beautiful smiles with our caring general dentistry services

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a painless dental procedure in which our dentist accesses and removes infected tissue from your dental pulp, the innermost part of your tooth. When this area becomes infected, it puts the tooth in jeopardy, and the infection may spread to your entire smile. Dr. Löberg will carefully save your tooth with a root canal treatment to preserve your smile and get your health back on track. 

How Do Teeth Become Infected?

Dental infections can be caused by a host of reasons, like poor oral hygiene and untreated cavities. If an infection reaches your dental pulp, where the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels are stored, it’s crucial to seek dental treatment. 

Signs You Need Root Canal Therapy

Advanced technology at Loberg Dental Center - Laguna HillsYou may need root canal therapy if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Severe tooth pain or sensitivity
  • Darkening or discoloration of the tooth
  • Swelling and tenderness in gums
  • A small bump on the gums near the affected tooth
  • Persistent or recurring pimples on the gums
  • Pain while biting or chewing

It’s important to seek prompt dental care if you experience any of these symptoms. Early treatment can often prevent the need for costly procedures in the future. Call our Laguna Hills dental office at (949) 586-1930 to schedule an appointment with our caring dentist. 

The Root Canal Treatment Process

Root canal treatment can typically be completed in as few as two visits and typically involves the following steps:

  • Preparation: Dr. Löberg will administer a local anesthetic and your choice of dental sedation to ensure a painless, low-stress procedure. 
  • Cleaning: Using special dental instruments, your Laguna Hills dentist will access and remove the infected or damaged pulp and clean the inside of the tooth.
  • Filling: Our dentist will fill the root canal with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha to seal them and prevent further infection.
  • Sealing: Dr. Löberg then places a temporary filling or a permanent crown over the opening in the tooth to protect it.
  • Recovery: You may experience some sensitivity for a few days after the procedure, but this should subside as the tooth heals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a root canal treatment painful?

No, root canal treatments aren’t painful at all! It’s a common misconception that root canal therapy is a painful process, but your dentist will work with you to ensure your procedure is as low-stress as possible. Ask your dentist if they offer dental sedation to help you relax during your appointment. 

How long does a root canal treatment take?

A root canal treatment usually takes one or two appointments to complete. The first appointment typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes, and the second appointment, if needed, usually takes 30 to 60 minutes. However, the actual time for a root canal procedure can vary depending on the details of the case. Your dentist will provide a treatment timeline at your initial visit. 

Can I eat and drink after a root canal treatment?

You can eat and drink about 24 hours after a root canal treatment, but it’s best to stick to soft foods and avoid chewing on the treated tooth for the first few days. Your dentist may also advise you to avoid hot or cold drinks, as well as hard or crunchy foods. Follow your dentist's instructions carefully to ensure a successful and speedy recovery.

Does insurance cover the cost of root canal therapy?

Yes, insurance typically covers the cost of root canal therapy. While it depends on the type of insurance and the specific plan, many insurance plans cover a portion of the cost of root canal treatments. It’s best to check with your insurance provider to determine the extent of coverage for this procedure.

Don’t Suffer With Tooth Pain. Schedule a Root Canal Consultation Today

At Löberg Dental Center, we perform all procedures with your health and safety in mind. Our Laguna Hills dentist will ensure your root canal treatment is as painless as possible. You’re in good hands with our caring, friendly, and experienced team of dental professionals!


You shouldn’t have to endure painful symptoms. Schedule a consultation at our office by calling (949) 586-1930 or by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to helping you get your oral health back on track!

Everyone in Dr. Loberg's office has your comfort & dental health as their main concern.— Barbara H.
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