Laguna Hills Dental Patients Experience The Benefits Of Teeth in a Day Full Arch Bridges

At Löberg Professional Dental Corporation in Laguna Hills, patients facing extensive tooth loss from trauma or advanced periodontal disease have a groundbreaking alternative to dentures by using Teeth in a Day dental implants to restore a full set of teeth. As an added bonus, patients can receive their implants in a single, same-day dental appointment and, if desired, incorporate oral sedation therapy for premier procedure comfort and relaxation.

The Teeth in a Day dental implant concept revamps traditional dental implants, in which individual titanium implants are inserted into the jaw, after which each is capped with a porcelain crown.

Instead, Teeth in a Day uses just four implants that are anchored at a 45-degree angle into the jaw. A full or partial plate of porcelain crowns is then tightly secured onto the implant heads to give you a new, complete set of teeth immediately. Teeth in a Day is a sophisticated, permanent, and durable tooth replacement option for many patients.

The benefits of Teeth in a Day include:

Saves time – Teeth in a Day dental implants can be inserted in a single same-day procedure. With traditional dental implants or dentures, there are multiple appointments and often a three-to six-month time frame for the procedure to be fully finished.

Stronger implants – Because Teeth in a Day dental implants are inserted at a 45-degree angle into the front jaw, research has found this process gives the implants greater strength. It also helps promote a healthier jawbone than wearing dentures, since the implants stimulate the bone tissue similar to natural tooth roots to prevent absorption. The implants are stronger, so you have greater bite strength. You can eat foods that before may have been difficult to chew or could chip your dentures.

More comfort – Teeth in a Day implants are firmly secured in the bone, so they do not shift like dentures and do not rub the sides of your gums or mouth. Most patients are able to eat solid foods the same day they have the procedure, and they experience little discomfort in the days immediately following the implantation.

Easier maintenance – There is no need to remove the dental implants to clean or soak overnight, as with dentures. They also do not require messy adhesives. Your teeth are cleaned just like natural teeth through regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

More confidence – Teeth in a Day porcelain dental implants look and function like your natural teeth did. You will quickly adapt to speaking and eating easily with the implants, a notable difference from adjusting to dentures. Due to their tight fit, there is no risk of food particles lodging under the plates and causing bad breath, as can occur with dentures.

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